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Room For More by Booth Brothers  | CD Reviews And Information |

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11 . Freedom



"What Salvation's Done For Me" Lyrics [edit]
by Booth Brothers | from the album Room For More

I used to be so lonesome, I never had a friend Always looking out for number one Didnít know where I was going, didnít care where I had been The life I lived had me on the run One day Jesus found me and took my sin away He showed me what I thought Iíd never see He put me in His family, and Heís with me to this day Let me tell you what salvationís done for me Chorus: I used to be a blind man, but now my visionís clear Mercy came and drove the shame from me Thereís peace of mind with Jesus that drives out every fear Iím stronger than I thought Iíd ever be I canít tell you why He loves me, as bad as I had been Why Iím worthy of this life of victory I know Iím not a scholar just a sinner saved by grace But I can tell you what salvationís done for me One day when life is over, Iíll go to my reward Where Heaven waits for those who have been set free With saints from all the ages, in the presence of our Lord This is what salvationís done for me

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