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"The Secret Place" Lyrics [edit]
by Michael Booth | from the album Michael Booth

My heart is like a house
One day I let the Savior in
There are many rooms
Where we would visit now and then

But then one day He saw that door
I knew the day had come too soon
I said, “Jesus, I’m not ready
For us to visit in that room

‘Cuz that’s a place in my heart
Where even I don’t go
I have some things hidden there
I don’t want no one to know”

But He handed me the key
With tears of love on His face
He said, “I want to make you clean
Let me go in your secret place.”

So I opened up the door
And as the two of us walked in
I was so ashamed
His light revealed my hidden sin

But when I think about that room now
I’m not afraid any more
‘Cuz I know my hidden sin
No longer hides behind that door

That was a place in my heart
Where even I wouldn’t go
I had some things hidden there
I didn’t want no one to know

But He handed me the key
With tears of love on His face
And He made me clean
I let Him in my secret place

Is there a place in your heart
Where even you won’t go

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