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Mix it Up: Remixed by Jump5  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"Beat Box Session" Lyrics [edit]
by Jump5 | from the album Mix it Up: Remixed

-here we go
-oh yeah
-is this another joke?
-yes mother
-Brandon give me a B
No, it’s not we’re really doing it
-Brandon give me a B
-we’re really Jump5’s trying to Beat Box (Brittany barks)
-Brandon give me a B
-Brandon start us off here buddy
-yeah, start us off here buddy
-yeah Brandon give us a B
-Brandon’s going to start as a dog
-yeah, here we go now! (laughing)
-we need a beat
-alright here we go
-ok here we go (laughing)
-give me a B whoo!
-can’t believe he used his hand
-eww, that’s gross, alright
-eww (laughing)
-start us off here….
-can we have a tissue in there please?
-I accidentally sensed (laughing)
-I drooled on my hand
-you need to disinfect the mike (laughing)
- I drooled on myself
-Brandon germs
-I don’t know if you all want to use this mike anymore
-I drooled on my hand (laughing)
-Brandon germs (laughing)
-ok, now really, we need a beat Brandon, owwww! (beat boxing)
-wigi, wigi, wigi, wigi, whoo, whoo
-chiki, chiki (laughing) chiki, come on guys
--wait, you guys gotta be good
-Brandon you’re the only good on, do it (beat boxing)
-we’ve been up all night doing this remix record (what, what, what, whoo, what, whoo) for our fans here we go, eh! (what wiki, eki) sticki, wiki, eki (laughing) no sticki, wiki, whoo!
-my name is Brittany, come on, yeah right at me, yeah whoo yeah. (chiki, chiki, chiki, chiki, chiki, chiki, chiki, chiki, chiki, chiki, chiki wigi…………………… whoo!)
-we’ve been up all night, doing this record for ya, and gonna stay up all night again whoo, ow
-yeah (laughing) wiki, wiki, wiki, wiki, wiki (wiki, wiki, wiki) wiki, wiki, wiki, wiki, wiki, wiki
-I just drooled on my hand (laughing)

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