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All That You Can't Leave Behind by U2  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"Grace" Lyrics [edit]
by U2 | from the album All That You Can\'t Leave Behind

Grace, she takes the blame She covers the shame Removes the stain It could be her name Grace, it's the name for a girl It's also a thought that could change the world And when she walks on the street you can hear the strings Grace finds goodness in everything Grace, she's got the walk Not on a ramp or on chalk She's got the time to talk She travels outside of karma, karma She travels outside of karma When she goes to work you can hear the strings Grace finds beauty in everything Grace, she carries a world on her hips No champagne flue for her lips No twirls or skips between her fingertips She carries a pearl in perfect condition What once was hurt What once was friction What left a mark no longer stings Because Grace makes beauty out of ugly things Grace finds beauty in everything Grace finds goodness in everything

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