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After The Music Stops by Lecrae  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"Its Your World" Lyrics [edit]
by Lecrae | from the album After The Music Stops

I know I'm not fit or deserving to do this But I'm foolish If I don't spit to give you Godly influence Like a student Practise and prudence will you walk with me through this As I give my feeble attempt at glorifying Yeshua Cause He Is the beginning everything came into being By His being the being who created all other beings We're MCing Due to His benevolent freeing, decreeing He's the almighty creator of everything that we're seeing There is none like Him If you don't like Him then He'll use the liking of liking Himself to acquire just to delight Him That's why I write Hymns My right hand use to write sin battle 'gainst Him like I was (Shai-lin?) And now despite sin I give praise the God who made sunny days To white lightening It's quite frightening To sing "Who's world is this" without proper enlightenment He use intellegent design Like eloquence confined Life elements assigned by Elohim my God He left his fingerprints You thinking that our origins are coincidence Our cemetary alone makes evolution look ridiculous And since our complexity is more than irreducible The fact our design had a designer is irrefutable I use science too to make a statement like this The existence of an atheist proves God exists He's the owner Holding the throne Potent and strong He smote any foe approaching Him on bolens* alone But since he up-rose he told us to go on this road Shown my a knowledge foretold Spoken by prophets of old The total opposite role Chosen by populace goes Down to the hottest abode Total apocalypse bro That's why we're rocking it yo Hand these sounds to the proudest man God has brought you in this world and he can sure take you out of it You should already know who's running it Brotha you don't want it He made it in six but he'll only take one to crumble it The earth rumbles at the sound of his mumbling He flooded it once but with Noah he made a covenant So the next time he's gonna be coming with flames His antagonists don't know what they're up against Return of the last Adam who's rapping will smash men now holds together every last atom And that ain't even the sum of it Matter of fact you could handle the half I'm only giving you some of it But its still enough of it for you to come to grips With the fact that it's His planet you own none of it So please consider how dumb it is To take comfort in the momentary status you have and the stuff you get He'll blaze it up in the end you can trust it kid But we ain't bugging cause there's another one coming you dig The earth was so impressed wit His defeat of the grave The ground did the Harlem shake the ocean did the wave No longer enslaved now that I see the Lord And God is so deep He causes hurricanes when He brainstorms I switched teams me and Crae got traded on the same night Same conference same sermon by James White The light of Christ is a blazing one I'm evidence that His Grace is amazing son Man continues to overvalue his worth Spends most of his time trying to conquer the earth That kind of action only leaves you empty or hurt Then you see your true value when you return to the dirt $5000 casket, $500 clothes 6 months for the grieving 1 year to decompose I've yet to find a human who can outlive the curse While God sits in the Heaven, place his feet on the earth

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