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"Should've When You Could've" Lyrics [edit]
by Skillet | from the album Awake

I'm done wondering where you've been All night long when you're out with your friends All you say, that the matter's over But now that chapter's over I'm done trusting you it's ended Even after I catch you red handed You could've been my only one But now your chance is gone You should've when you could've You're gonna miss my love girl You should, it would've been so good You should've when I would've Now I know I've had enough Better luck next time girl You should, it would've been so good I'm done chasing you all over May as well be chasing after thunder Play hard to get if it makes you happy For a change now you can start chasing me Don't cry cause I ain't your sure thing It ain't my fault you don't know a good thing You could've been my only one But now your chance is gone Don't you understand Don't wanna be your backup plan Now I won't be here to clean up when it hits the fan You tried to keep me on your leash It's time you started chasing me I'm done acting like I won't be Sitting here still wishing you wanted me Don't say that I never told you Take some advice from somebody who knows (John L. Cooper)

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