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"Shovin', Crushin', Squeezin' (Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' by Journey)" Lyrics [edit]
by ApologetiX | from the album pre-covery

Shovin', Crushin', Squeezin'
Parody of "Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'" performed by Journey and written by Steve Perry
(Mark 5:21-31, 6:31-34; Luke 8:42)

Through every week
Night after night
They press in -- to see the Christ
Shovin', crushin', squeezin' each other

When we're alone -- all by ourselves
More crowds -- soon come for help
Shovin', crushin', squeezin' the Teacher there

They're tearin' Him apart
Every every day
Yes, sharin' Him is hard
Oh, what can I say
It's scarin' me a lot

It won't be long, yeah
Tell you right now
Till the Lo-o-o-rd, ooh, He isn't around
'Cause you've shoved Him, you've crushed Him, you've squeezed Him to nothin'

You're tearin' Him apart
Ooh, every every day
Yes, sharin' Him is hard
Oh, now, what can you say
'Cause you've shoved Him, you've crushed Him to nothin'
So wait your turn with Christ

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