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"Stuck In The 80s" Lyrics [edit]
by KJ-52 | from the album The Yearbook

I think Iím stuck in the 80ís I think Iím stuck in the 80ís shout outs to all the fellas and the ladies Iím like woah man this aint what I planned to get everyone to stare at me man I walked in with the parachute pants checkerboards on a pair of new vans its kind of embarrassing man I think Iím gonna just scare a few fans they trying to take care of me then cause the 80's are over so where have I been you should know where I be with Atari just on the TV and a boom box tape deck no cd with the acid washed jeans ripped in the knee like what? well you should know what I mean when the t-shirt is pink and lime green it glows and it shows as bright as high beams it's like back to the future one nine eight three lets go.. Iím like címon man how can you dismiss this I got a beeper as thick as my wrist is I got a cell phone on the wish list about as big and as tall as ya rims is you might think we some misfits my girlís hair shoots up 26 inch in the air and youís up in my business but I donít care cuz youíll just never get this so for instance when I rock spots I keep it old school with a swatch watch now Iím a grown dude but I still got the hammer pants when I dance itís still hot so I roll through man its so tight my whole click dressed like Miami Vice listen close dude see what im gone write it itís like back to the future and it goes like now Iím a be the coolest dude even if I roll around with a rubiks cube or maybe Iím the hugest fool for trying to get down and make the 80's cool but itís so true I was a crazy kid if you knew all the shady ways I lived youíd be amazed but today Iím his Godís grace now covered all them thangs I did so take it back to the future and take a day off like ferris bueller back when Micheal jack was the ruler when apple Mac had the fastest computer I'm a school ya with my new song about the facts of life like the sitcom but the facts with Christ that youíll live on itís like back to the future and Iím a get gone Produced by: kj52 Written by: (J. Sorrentino)

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