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"We Are Loved" Lyrics [edit]
by David Crowder*Band | from the album Church Music

[Verse 1]
Velvet black night
Pierced with light
Stars waiting quiet
Wide listening sky

Stillest of air
Life hanging there
Out of despair
Rises a prayer

Can we take in your light
So we can shine like you
With all this weariness
Can we shine like you with this weariness?

Oh we are loved
We are loved
And it's quite enough that we are loved

We are loved
We are loved
And it's quite enough that we are loved

If the whole world could feel it
If the whole world could feel it
We could love
We could love
'Cause we are loved

[Verse 2]
Surrounded in white
O purest bride
No lovelier sight
The Church will rise

Take in your light
To shine like you
Take this weariness
So we can shine like you


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