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Light Up The World by Desperation Band  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"Highest Place" Lyrics [edit]
by Desperation Band | from the album Light Up The World

Highest Place VERSE 1: Lord You search me And You know me You hear all of my thoughts No point in hiding Lord Youíve found me So completely in need of You I cannot run from You PRE-CHORUS: If I go to the heavens or down below You are right there waiting If I rise on the wings of the dawn You are there, I will find You waiting CHORUS: You are in the highest place You are in the falling rain You are in the mountain peaks And valleys speak wonders of Your name You are in the perfect sky You're in every breath I breathe You're in every moment Life seems to pass me by You're my prince of peace VERSE 2: In the glory Of Your glory I become like You are Itís over whelming In the presence Of Your presence I finally see All Your love, for me PRE-CHORUS: CHORUS Bridge: You're everything You're in everything You're in every cry It all ends and starts With you my king (Repeat) PRE-CHORUS CHORUS (Repeat) Bridge (Repeat)

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