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The 2econd Coming by Mali Music  | CD Reviews And Information |

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02 . Nothing Too Hard
03 . Impulses
04 . Broken Spirit
05 . Conqueror
06 . I Hate U
07 . Heart's Song
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09 . Yahweh Reprise
10 . Avaylable
11 . Higher
12 . No Muzick
13 . Glory To The Lamb
14 . All I Have To Give
15 . Forward
16 . Gimme Gimme
17 . Nu Creature



"Heart's Song" Lyrics [edit]
by Mali Music | from the album The 2econd Coming

Verse 1- in this heart of mine is a perpetual cry/ lifting up and magnifying Adonai/ I try to understand the language from within but it’s beyond words/ and every time I hear it/ something stirs within my soul…Hook-(utterance) Lord my heart longs/ to worship all the day long/ in your presence is where my heart belongs/ it’s beyond words/ my heart’s song…Verse 2- in this soul of mine is a burning fire/ burning with passion and desire for the Messiah/ bubbling deep down in my soul/ is a worship out of control…Hook/Out- Oh Lord/ I surrender to thee/ Holy, Holy, Holy/ that’s what the angels’ sing/ God Almighty/ You deliver me/ from the snare of the enemy/ Blessed Trinity…

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