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The 2econd Coming by Mali Music  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"Higher" Lyrics [edit]
by Mali Music | from the album The 2econd Coming

Verse 1 Got saved, been saved Too saved, been praisin and Livin for me for a long long time Workin hard stayin on that grind that’s right Sayin u wanna be avaylable Touchin lives and blessin souls Never been ashamed of that ole gospel Holdin on and ya show nuff wanna let go But there’s a little something I’ve noticed I held my tongue so you can stay focused but It’s been a while since u called my name Or even prayed like u used to in the good ole days Yea I see u shining like a star But I think you’ve gotten comfortable with where u are So much I wanna show ya So much I have for ya. Hook: So come up a little higher/ higher/ higher/ higher/ high… (repeat) Verse 2- *higher* is where I wanna take ya *further* is where I want u to go *wider* every city every nation/ *I* I really love u so But u gotta go deeper Gotta increase the word ya know So I can show a little more So u can preach the gospel Eyes have not seen, Don’t nobody know What I have in store for u But to fly a little higher You gotta let your wing span grow Just desire and want me Keep your spirit man wanting Don’t lose your zeal Stay hungry Hook(repeat) Bridge: Just put your trust in me I've got everything that u need Hope you’re not afraid of heights If you are then you’ll be alright Don't close your eyes Spread your wings and fly Get comfortable cuz this is your life High in the sky with me, Come on and fly with me As we go high…as we go high...high..ohhh high... Hook(6 times) Mali(Ending) As we go we go high...ohhh we go we go high..

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