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The 2econd Coming by Mali Music  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"Glory To The Lamb" Lyrics [edit]
by Mali Music | from the album The 2econd Coming

Verse 1- I don’t know if it’s just me/ but I found it profoundly important/ that quickly/ we’ll see and realize/ how we’ve become insubordinate/ mouths to praise/ hands to wave/ feet to dance/ souls to save/ if we can return to a place of worship/ everything will be okay. Hook- and we’ll sing songs to the Glory of the Lamb/ let us sing songs to the Glory of the Lamb/ and we’ll sing songs to the Glory of the Lamb/ Hallelujah Glory to the Lamb/ yeah. Verse 2- contrary to popular belief/ we were all conceived and brought forth with purpose/ and that’s to worship/ and the enemy knows if we ever get back there/ we will obtain the power to hurt him (hurt him)/ so I encourage you my brothers and sisters/ to get back to the threshing floor/ cuz judgment’s coming/ and all the brokenness, hurt, and pain/ no it won’t hurt no more (won’t hurt no more)Hook- (repeat twice) Vamp- To The Lamb/ The Lamb/ The Lamb/ Hallelujah Glory to The Lamb. Let us go back worship (repeat 5x) Repeat Hook/

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