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03 . Get Up
04 . Identity
05 . I'll Be There
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"I'll Be There" Lyrics [edit]
by Robert Pierre | from the album Identity

You need a friend, someone you can trust
That stays 'til the end

I'll be the one, standing right there
A shoulder to cry on

Take my hand
Let's walk this road together

I'll be there when your world falls apart
and you don't know where you are
I'll be there to keep you from falling
Whenever you're calling my name
I'll be there, I'll be there

I know your pain, you're not alone
Every day feels the same, but

My love is here, through every prayer
Through every tear

repeat pre-chorus

repeat chorus

The storm clouds will soon roll away
Everything will be okay
But right now's the time to believe
That you'll always have a friend in me

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