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That Was Then, This Is Now by Chasen  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"Cast Away" Lyrics [edit]
by Chasen | from the album That Was Then, This Is Now

I feel destruction running hard through my veins But I see redemption rushing my way My victories are bittersweet and now I can tell The only place my plans have lead me is right where I fell CHORUS I'm overboard, too far from shore A castaway trying to make it home I catch my breath to save myself but I can't In my sight you were just in time I feel you now you're by my side I know you gave me, a gift of a second chance I had a dream of a life of my own I had a place that I thought was my home But now I see I just can't have it any other way It's all or nothing, do or die, and I'm the price I pay because CHORUS A second chance I won't forget A second life I won't regret A second wind to brave this night A second more to make it right(x2) CHORUS

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