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The World is a Thorn by Demon Hunter  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"The World Is a Thorn" Lyrics [edit]
by Demon Hunter | from the album The World is a Thorn

The gavel has fallen, along with the rest
Are we expected to settle for this?
Bring us the plague, lead us away
Blacken tomorrow with ash of today
Canít you see the fabric of our standards wearing thin?
See your world in its grave
At the hands of the enslaved

Wonít bow to man
Wonít bow to government
Wonít trust in a failed system of self-fulfilling lust
Wonít love a world where my God is mocked
I defy

Oh, a kiss on the serpentís head
We walk in the line of deceit, the walking dead
Canít you feel the ground of our discretion giving way?
Refusal of hope, solution demise
Bury the truth in a mountain of lies


This is what you try to sell me
Subjective nothingness
Pull your sickness from my throat
Let me breathe the truth (2x)

Wonít bow to man
Wonít bow to government
Wonít bow to greed
Wonít bow to false hope
Wonít bow to self
Wonít bow to modern code
Wonít sell my soul to a dead world
I defy

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