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"Pray for the Fish" Lyrics [edit]
by Randy Travis | from the album Rise and Shine

Everybody gathered where the river rund wider at the edge of the town, To see fi that Eddy Lee Vaughn baptism, was really gonna go down. Folks bet hard-earned money that water wouldn't change a thing.

They set the odds at a hundred to one, his soul would never come clean. Then the preacher said people take a moment or town. There's something we need to do.

Pray for the fish, They don't know what's comin'. When the sin starts rollin' off the likes of him. Lord be with 'em they ain't done nothin'. Please won't you leave 'em just a little bit of room ot swim. Pray for the fish

Well the preacher ducked him under that clear cool water, then he did it again. Eddy came up yelling "OH Lord in heaven, Hallelujah I'm a brand new man"

Well the water got to bubblin' the sky got to rumblin' and the thunder backed up the choir. The fshi started jumpin' out loud


He said everybody cross your fingers and fold your hands. Pray for ole Eddy, but before we say Amen. Pray for the fish. Lord be with 'em they ain't done nothin. Please won't you leave 'em just a little bit of room to swim.

Pray for the fish. Lord, pray for the fish

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