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Zappin (The Best Of) by John Reuben | CD Reviews And Information |

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"Him Her He She" Lyrics [edit]
by John Reuben | from the album Zappin (The Best Of)

Well I'm a John Reuben from the land or corn Columbus, Ohio that's where I was born in By mom Kathleen on January 14 1979 I entered the scene lookin' like Hello mother girl what's goin' on One moment I'll be here and then the next I'll be gone But while I'm chillin' out there's somethings I'd like to see Like some sanity, some family and some diversity Well look at me in a flash my time's passed and I've aged Adrenaline within me has got me up on the stage Lookin' for ways to amaze and light up the place it was me and nine other mc's called the showcase Ten immature young bucks run amuck, throwin' out whatever's clever and just hopin' it stuck What what what's goin' on there moving to the beat, I guess that's why we have no choice but to keep Chorus: x 2 We makin' fresh vibes bringin' fresh songs Man we keepin' it fresh hopin' that ya'll come along Goin' with him, her, he or she I'm sayin' him, her, he or she A John Reuben gotta lotta somethin' for everybody Step into the party tardy in fashion Up in here this year quite clear with a passion To make it happen and I'm loving life fact see God is good and I won't backtrack But move forward bendin' words in ways not thought possible See any beat is rockable this feelin' is unstoppable Because the mind is full of creative energy I'm not leavin' tonight until my brain is empty Thoughts pour out as I skillfully explore out Routes n' patterns in which to flex raps I'm gatherin' kids from all directions, multicomplexions You feelin' this then add a pound to the collection Another session yes I'm there move back bring in the boom sti cat to boom ta boom cat Like that we keep it simple n' fresh like yes ya'll yes Chorus: x 2 I got eight bars to fill in So it's time for me to start skillin' N' it's time for me to start illin' Party people in the back cold chillin' All people get live n' all people get live n' energize with me All people get live n' energize with me Chorus: x 2 We go with him, her, he or she Him, her, he or she ( x 5 ) Him, her, he

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