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"Halle'- Erica Cumbo" Lyrics [edit]
by Erica Cumbo | from the album Kingdom Business

Yay, Oh, Ya
Halle, halle, halle, lujah

As the heavens and the earth sing
Your exalted as your praises ring
Cuz you live in our praises
And Lord you deserve it oh
Lord your love is everlasting
and your mercy's new with the rising sun
so as your children we rejoice as
You give us life through your rising sun

Halle (halle), halle (oh), halle (hallelujah), lujah (highest praises)
Halle (hey), halle (halle), halle (lujah), lujah

We sing
Hallelujah (hallelujah)
We give the highest praises 2 you (praises 2 you)
Lord you are so wonderful (wonderful)
Nobody can compare to you
though the earth will fade away
its your words that will remain
Lord I am in all of you
and your praises with my hands raised I say

Halle (halle), Halle (lujah), halle (hallelujah oh), lujah (you deserve it all we say)
Halle (Halle), halle (hallelujah), (oh) halle (ya), Lujah (listen)

As I'm standing in your presence
Now I see the essence
Of your beauty so real
The haters and the doubters of this world turn ill
When they see us in your presence doing your will
Praising you still, I will
Never turn my back on living to praise
Even if I slip Lord I'm covered in grace
Your mercy keeps me going as I'm seeking your face
So I'm singing hallelu I give you high praise
Humbling myself before you Lord I bow down
Giving you the glory with my face to the ground
Looking for you coming if you need him come now
Lord we lift your name no need for rocks to cry out
I don't need no rocks to cry out in my place
He's been 2 good even when I'm ungrateful
But he no's we need him so hes always so faithful
So I open up my mouth to give him high praise

Halle (chuh), halle (hallelujah), halle (halle), Halle (lord i give you high praise)
Halle (hallelujah), Halle (thats when we cry out), Halle (let everything that has breathe), lujah (praise the lord)
Halle (halle!), Halle...

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