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"I'll Wait For You" Lyrics [edit]
by Michael W. Smith | from the album Wonder

Morning Mr. Repo Man Give me one more week and I'll be gone It's been a long hard month of Sundays And still no rain Nothin' left around here but the dust and shame I know you know (hmmm) I know you know And I'm trying to find a way To hold onto my faith While I wait, for You I'll wait for You Now I lie awake at night Tryin' hard to think But these are the hardest times I've ever seen I'm still holdin' on I know You never said it'd be easy All thick and no thin But the man who waits Is the man who wins Holdin' on Oh yeah, I'm holdin' on Gonna hide myself away Hide myself away And I'll wait for You I'll wait for You I'll wait for You I'll wait for You I need You now I need You now, (yeah, oh, oh) You I need You now (oh, yeah, yeah,) And I'll wait for You I'll wait for You I'm gonna wait for You (oh) I'll wait for You I'm gonna walk on And not get weary, now I'm gonna run And not fall down I know that someday I'll get my wings somehow And You will carry me You will carry me I'm gonna rise up Like an eagle, now Gonna ride that big blue sky And should I someday Fall back down again You will carry me You will carry me, even now (oh yeah, yeah) (yes you will) Carry me, even now, (You're gonna carry me) You will carry me You will carry me even now oh carry me, (oh yeah)

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