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The Afters 2X: I Wish We All Could Win/Never Going Back To OK by The Afters  | CD Reviews And Information |

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01 . "Beautiful Love"– 3:58
02 . "Until the World"– 4:18
03 . "Someday"– 3:31
04 . "Love Lead Me On"– 4:28
05 . "All That I Am"– 4:24
06 . "The Way You Are"– 3:43
07 . "You"– 4:00
08 . "Love Will Make You Beautiful"– 4:41
09 . "Wait"– 3:13
10 . "Thank God I'm Not the One"– 5:10
11 . "The Secret Parade" - 1:40
12 . "Never Going Back to OK" - 2:37
13 . "Keeping Me Alive" - 3:55
14 . "Tonight" - 3:26
15 . "Ocean Wide" - 4:24
16 . "MySpace Girl" - 3:04
17 . "We Are the Sound" - 3:03
18 . "Falling Into Place" - 3:28
19 . "Beautiful Words" - 3:24
20 . "Forty-Two" - 4:00
21 . "Summer Again" - 4:42
22 . "One Moment Away" - 4:14



""MySpace Girl" - 3:04" Lyrics [edit]
by The Afters | from the album The Afters 2X: I Wish We All Could Win/Never Going Back To OK

I saw you once, it was enough You asked me what I wanted, I want you But I replied, I'll have some fries So mesmerized, my heart was over driving through I saw your name and unashamed I searched within 500 miles to find Any clue just as to who I've fallen for Cause you've got me and I've got time CHORUS I saw your picture on Myspace Maybe someday we can turn it into ourspace baby I don't care how long it takes I'm saving space in my top 8 for you The second time you were so nice I loved the way told me to enjoy my day But I know what you meant to say instead Was really that you wanted us to run away I said let's go, I'll pack my clothes Just promise me you'll wear that purple dress you have You look so cute when you’re confused You backed away and asked me how I new about that I know you're scared I know our love is crazy And I'm so crazy You make me crazy For you

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