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Level 3:16 by 6 Way St.  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"Tell Em (Internal Conflict)" Lyrics [edit]
by 6 Way St. | from the album Level 3:16

INTRO Tell ‘em, Tell ‘em (x6) Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh You know, a lot of times I find myself battling with a lot of things internally, you know what I’m sayin? Going back n’ forth with my decisions, in life, you know what I’m sayin? Yo hear me out… Let’s Go! CHORUS Let ‘em know the deal Chris/ Tell ‘em how it feels Chris/ Let ‘em know the cost to follow Christ/ Demand some realness/ Tell ‘em ‘bout the price he paid/ tell ‘em about the lives he saved/ dying on that rugged cross/ on calvary for heaven sake/ Tell ‘em ‘bout his gentleness/ tell ‘em bout his patience/ tell 'em ‘bout his everlasting love that conquers hatred/ Tell ‘em bout his faithfulness / tell 'em bout his greatness/go head Chris/ Tell ‘em Chris/ man don’t keep ‘em waitin'/ VERSE 1 Spirit Chris: Often times I find myself battlin’ myself/ Tryna walk this straight & narrow/ reaching out to God for help/ hit the flesh with Word /tryna magnify the Spirit/ hear my spirit talking to me/ but my flesh ain’t tryn ta hear it. CHRIS/ “Go and share the gospel with his people/ man they need you/ share the love of God wit’ em/and pray that they receive you” Flesh Chris: MAN I CANT Spirit Chris: Whatchu mean you can’t? The Lord is witchu bro’? Flesh Chris: YEAH, I KNOW. BUT LATELY, I’VE BEEN STRUGGLIN’ WITH MY PHYSICAL/ HOW I’M SUPPOSED TO GO AND TELL THE WORLD ABOUT THE CHRIST/ WHEN I’M STRUGGLIN’ WITH SIN MYSELF AND I AIN’T EVEN RIGHT? Spirit Chris: Yeah, that’s true, but remember, Christ paid the price for sin right? Flesh Chris: YEAH, BUT EVERY TIME I’M DOING GOOD, I SIN AGAIN/ MAN I ASK HIM FOR FORGIVENESS, BUT I’M TIRED OF BEING SORRY JOE/ HEAVEN KNOWS I TRY MY BEST TO STAY UP ON THAT HONOR ROLL Spirit Chris: Man, I feel your pain Chris/ All up in the pancreas/ Yesterday you reppin’ Christ, today you ain’t the same Chris Man, Lord. I’ve been dealing with so much in my life lately, Lord God. It’s been so hard to hear your voice Lord. I just need an answer from you God. Please Help Me, Lord God! VERSE 2 Spirit Chris: Open up that first John one nine, one time/ You’ll find if we confess our sins we'll get that dual shine/ Purifyin’ us from all unrighteousness around us/ We was lost in darkness/ flipped da switch and then he found us/ Kickin' in our blood, we was missin' in the flood/ then he sent them life rafts now we drippin’ in his love/ Like a deuce, we got peace/ put the truth in the streets/ go and share that good news with those beautiful feet/ That he talks about in Romans 10/ cuz how they gone believe it if we ain’t out here preachin’ it/ bringing people in you know? Faith comes from hearin’ the message/ And the message is heard through the Word/ which is Christ, often neglected/ Every time/ I try to do right/ evil’s right there/ by my side/ Lord I delight in your law but I see another law/ at work in me/ wagin’ war against my mind making me a prisoner/ to these foolish deeds/ what a wretched man I am/ who will rescue me from death/ all glory be to God/ through Jesus Christ who gives me strength/ VERSE 3 Spirit Chris: Cursed is the man who finds strength up in the flesh/ cuz as soon as that happens nothing's left but regret/ please try to stay focused while I gotchu in the Light … light/ please don’t go back into that darkness/

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