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Born Again: Miracles Edition by Newsboys  | CD Reviews And Information |

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17 . Born Again (French Horn Rebellion Remix)
18 . Miracles (Mega Is A Gang Remix)
19 . Way Beyond Myself (Faltline Remix)
20 . Mighty To Save (Family Force 5 Remix)



"Escape" Lyrics [edit]
by Newsboys | from the album Born Again: Miracles Edition

Youíre being tempted by the same olí, you say itís under control Just remind me how you see so clearly face down in a hole Press toward the light and the light will ground you Go with the flow and the flow will drown you Hey now, thereís always an outÖ But if you get up, get up, get up You can breakaway And if you get out, get out, get out Nothing can overtake Donít waitÖ escape We get beaten by the same sticks until we start to crack We get deceived by the same tricks Thatís why the devilís bringing Ďem back (Heís bringing Ďem back) Donít believe the hype Itís such a letdown

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