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"The Deceiver" Lyrics [edit]
by A Bullet for Pretty Boy | from the album Revision:Rivise

We won't bend
We won't break
The world is a tortured place
First impression is the deepest
Our fragile hearts break daily
We feel the pain
It's never right
Yet we still fold
So much pressure to make an incision
Just take a step back
And look in the mirror
I don't recognize the one who is looking back
The hatred inside us
It's the hatred inside us
That keeps us alone
It's the sickness inside us
That keeps us weak
So why are we so afraid
What is it we are so afraid of
The lack of faith
I close the door
And didn't lock it
It forced its way inside
It will defeat me
Just take a step back
And look in the mirror
I don't recognize myself
Who is this deceiver
It's time to move on
Forgiveness is the hardest part
Acceptance is the beginning
Don't deny what you've been given
And with this second chance
Rise above your weakness
Oh God
Take what is left of me
Take what remains of me.

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