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"I Can't Hear You" Lyrics [edit]
by Matthew West | from the album Happy

This world is making me dizzy
I can't seem to keep it from spinning
This life is screaming so loud now
I can't escape from this crowd now
It's like I'm climbing up on the shoulders
In a room full of strangers
And then everybody walks away


Fly high, jump and touch the sky
High, bring me back to life
I know you're there when I can't hear you
Down now at the speed of sound now
When I touch the ground now
You'll be there when I can't hear you

I am a classic case of dysfunction
I talk and talk and still I say nothing
Am I the voice of my generation?
Is everybody having the same conversation?
We're all climbing up on the shoulders
In a room full of strangers
When we should be reaching for you


Do you ever get the feeling that you're not alone
No matter who you are, no matter where you go?
We're all climbing up on the shoulders
In a room full of strangers
We're reaching

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