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"All Or Nothing" Lyrics [edit]
by Fighting Instinct | from the album Fighting Instinct

Sitting on a fence your heart can feel the warmth of the one who pulled you out of the cold Trying to walk the line, you don't know which way to go but your about to loose your hold Which way to fall to the wrong or to the right Jump to one side or fall in to the night. It's all or nothing But there's always something Walking down life's road things try to hinder you at every turn What don't kill you makes you stronger but how far will you go just to learn Your closer to the edge now but this is the very snare You've got to push through now remembering he's still there It's all or nothing But there's always something It's all or nothing But there's always something Holding you back, no you won't fall But you can't break through If you don't give your all I'ts all or nothing

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