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"#putyourloveglasseson" Lyrics [edit]
by Beckah Shae | from the album #putyourloveglasseson - Single

Written by Beckah Shae

Produced by: Jack Shocklee

I see you lookin lookin like you wanna dance, Im watchin wonderin why you dont take the chance?

Go ahead and take His hand. What are you scared of man? What are you scared of? Man?

I know you got it in you, Now just let it out. Donít miss the moment, this is what its all about.

Its everywhere, look around, So many treasures to be found.

So we gotta , keep truth seeking, listen to wisdom speaking, catch his heartbeat and Abide Abide Abide

Keep truth seeking, listen to wisdom speaking, catch his heartbeat and see the world through Gods eyes!

Put, Put your, Put your love, Love, love

Put your, put your love, love

Put your love glasses on, Glasses on

Can you feel it, its in the air, Its how we choose to breathe. People treatin eachother either with honor or jealousy.

Rude rude, cutin others down cause they aint what you think you need.

Truth is we all need one another, Some are just too prideful to see.

God give us grace to see all things, To see mansí heart the way You see

Gotta get get get that vision (love vision) vision oh

Love bears all things believes all things, Hopes in all things endures in all things

So we gotta get that vision!

© 2011 Shae Shoc Records

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