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City On A Hill: The Gathering by City On A Hill  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"Table Of The Lord - FFH/Paul Colman" Lyrics [edit]
by City On A Hill | from the album City On A Hill: The Gathering

(Come on and gather round)

Let the little children lead us
Into the sanctuary of the Lord
Let the strong carry the sick
And let the rich embrace the poor
In the name of Christ our Savior

Gather at the table of the Lord
(Rejoicing always)
Marvel at the radiance of God
(Celebrate the d-ay)
As one body come together
In the Fatherís love forevermore
At the table of the L-ord

(Come on and gather round)

Join the anthem of the angels
Proclaim the holy presence of our King
War and suffering will cease
Glorious, eternal peace
By the grace of our Redeemer

At the table of the L-ord

(Come on and gather r-ound)
Come one come all
(Come on and gather r-ound)
Thereís room at the table
(For the young and the old)
(For the rich and the poor)
(For the meek and the bold)
(We all can)

(Come on and gather r-ound)
At the table of the Lord

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