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"My Finest Hour" Lyrics [edit]
by Matthew West | from the album Happy

The king of contradiction strikes again
You said the last to cross the finish line will win
And the beggars will be millionaires someday
And the humble ones are gonna have their say
Well all my friends are gone now
And all my money's gone now
And all my pride is gone now
And if what you say is true now

This will be my finest hour
This will be my finest hour

Well everything is opposite down here
The strongest survive and the rest just disappear
But your philosophy is more unique
You say I'll be stronger when I'm weak

This will be my finest hour
This will be my finest hour

It's 2am and sleepless
I'm wide awake and restless
I don't know what my deal is
I've never felt so helpless
I don't understand it
I don't think I'll ever comprehend it
It's so hard to conceive it
So, I guess I'll just believe it

This will be my finest hour
This will be my finest hour

Written my Matthew West (c) 2003 Word Music, Inc./Westies, Inc. Music Publishing, admin. by Word Music, Inc. (ASCAP). All rights reserved. Used by permission. International copyright secured.

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