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On The Altar Of Love by Downhere  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"For The Heartbreak" Lyrics [edit]
by Downhere | from the album On The Altar Of Love

How can a day be a day without a night?
How can a win be a win without a fight?

I will not be shaken by the troubles up ahead
I'd rather trust Your goodness instead

Thank You for the heartbreak
Thank You for the pain
Thank You for the sadness
On the gloomy days of rain

Thank You that the hard times
Have a reason and rhyme
Thank You that the healing makes the beauty shine
Thank You for the heartbreak

How can a love be a love without a cost?
How can a life be a life without the loss?

No, I won't trust my senses over anything You say
It's harder, but it's better this way

When there's no sign of You
When I'm lost, hurt, and used
You are there hurting, too

Even in my worst times
You're my reason and rhyme
Thank You that the healing makes the beauty
It makes the beauty shine
Thank You for the heartbreak>

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