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01 . Hallelujah



"Hallelujah" Lyrics [edit]
by Lecrae | from the album Single- Hallelujah

Going in the club on the ???
Tryin' to get little momma in the car, ah, ah
I heard a gun pop like pop, papa
Someone hear this to the choppers like la, da da
An average life for a couple of no-goods,(good)
never ??? so hood, (hood)
never make it in the church, man
we're drinking till' it hurts,
and forget you what your mama gave your show would, (would)
(Mayne!!) When you're sitting in your room and your feeling like a fool cause you got a couple STD's
(Dayng!!) See your partner's on the news cuz they thought that he was cool now they bought to put him six feet deep
(Shame!!) When I'm really on my lowest and I'm feeling kinda hopeless.
Everybody gotta hate on me
Shame on me the blame's on me
He saved me
I was on my way to hell with a full tank.
I don't care what dem boys think
Cause what i'm on is a sure thing

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