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Blood in the Gears (Deluxe edition) by The Showdown  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"Bring It Down" Lyrics [edit]
by The Showdown | from the album Blood in the Gears (Deluxe edition)

And if it ever was a failure, control, collapse, And let the whole thing start again Build the machine, give it guns, give it wings It's a homemade, homegrown, blind doomsday Empire colonize into the teeth, society subdues You will bow, you will beg, or stand and face your ruin Loner, free man, wanderer and thief We have no use for you The cult of greater good won't abide disbelief, so get back on the grid Got our eyes on you An individual? A faulty gear We will grind you down to size You will play our game or you will die in vain No martyr's death, you will quietly die Bring it down, tear this tower down Bring it down, oh down [Solo Jeremiah Scott] Reject the life that's made for you Protect what's in your heart Live free and disobedient Respect only to God Bring it down, tear this tower down Bring it down, oh down Tear the tower down Our anthem, our prayer, our call to men of will Abide not one injustice, strike down what makes us ill Become the change and catalyze, breathe revolution's air Become the key and take it back, this world was never theirs [Solo - Patrick Judge]

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