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Brother to Brother by Michael Card & John Michael Talbot  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"One Faith" Lyrics [edit]
by Michael Card & John Michael Talbot | from the album Brother to Brother

He is the good Shepherd And Hes laid down his life for His sheep So out of many nations Hes gathered one fold and one faith And He has built His church On the rock foundation of faith On apostles and prophets Who shepherd the people in His place CHORUS: There is one faith, one hope, and one baptism One God and Father of all There is one church, one body, one life in the Spirit Now given so freely to all And He gave to Simon Peter And to all the twelve The keys of the Kingdom So darkness shall never prevail But some of the shepherds Have pastured themselves on their sheep So He has come out against them And scattered His people of faith (CHORUS) In good pasture He will shepherd His people On the mountain top He feeds His sheep He will heal the poor and afflicted To the prisoner He brings release (CHORUS) Yet Hell not forsake His people Hell claim His sheep for His own Hell send out His Word to the nations Regather His people back home For He is the good Shepherd Hes laid down His life for His sheep So out of many nations Hes gathered one fold and one faith (CHORUS) (REPEAT CHORUS)

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