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Magnificent Obsession by onething Live  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"There Is Only One – Brandon Hampton, feat. Misty Edwards" Lyrics [edit]
by onething Live | from the album Magnificent Obsession

There Is Only One
Words and Music by Brandon Hampton and Sean Feucht

There He sits, upon a throne
Sustainer of all things
The elders bow, the angels sing
This song, forevermore

How can I comprehend
The beauty that has no end
He's beckoned us to come and see
Every nation testiIies, Your majesty they can't deny
Your Son has made a way for them to come

There is only One, there is only One
There is only One found worthy (repeat)

(Double chorus)
There is only One (Jesus Christ)
There is only One (Jesus Christ)
There is only One (The Lamb upon the throne)
Found worthy (Forever) (repeat)

What do the elders see, that makes them all fall down
What do the angels see that makes them cry, holy (repeat 3x)
We have to know, we have to know
We have to know, what makes them cry, holy (repeat)
Open our eyes to see the wonder of Your majesty
To join the song that all of heaven sings (repeat)

©2011 Brandon Hampton & Sean Feucht CCLI#6273503 (Administered by Music Services o/b/o Forerunner Worship (ASCAP) a division of the International House of Prayer, Kansas City).

+ Entry lasted edited by Ang-elik-a on 07.25.12


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