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Game Changer by The Protest  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"Up From The Fall" Lyrics [edit]
by The Protest | from the album Game Changer

I remember when you were so full of life
But it seems that your smile has faded
I know itís hard to believe
But your life is worth living
You donít want to walk alone
So reach out your hand

Promise me that youíll never go away
Cause there is a love
Thatís aching to know you
With His arms open wide
So promise me that
When the wind blows cold
That you wonít back down
That youíll never let go
Cause I want to see you standing
Up from the fall

The alcohol creates a river of lies
They say that no one needs you
That you should end your life
I know these words are inviting
But please hang on
Cause God is there
And He desperately wants
Your pain to be gone

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