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"Coming To The Light" Lyrics [edit]
by More Than Rubies | from the album More Than Rubies

Coming to the Light (Megan Connor/Christa Wells/Nicole Witt) Old man, whatcha gonna take to your grave ĎCause there ainít no secrets on Jordanís banks Canít be much peace down in that soul ĎCause people get hurt by what they donít know You had a little trouble You swept it away ĎCause thatís the way it was back in those days Whoa-oh-oh-oh Better lay it all out there while you can ĎCause the Lordís gonna make you show your hand Keep it in the dark til you fly away Itís all coming to the light one day Whoa-oh-oh-oh Whoa-oh-oh-oh Hey, pretty girl, put in the line Come out from the makeup you hide behind You got a story to make a grown man weep But youíre holding it in like itís yours to keep Lifeís too short No time to waste Stand up, girl, you got something to say Chorus Ainít no corners, ainít no shadows Ainít no trouble that love canít handle Ainít no shame in coming clean ĎCause when you let it go, itíll set you free Chorus

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