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Reset by Isaac Carree | CD Reviews And Information |

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"Clean This House (Remix) ft. R. Kelly" Lyrics [edit]
by Isaac Carree | from the album Reset

It's the remix, it's the remix I'm calling on You, Heavenly Father I'm down on my knees You said call on You no matter the hour Lord, I'm in need I've been messing up, done lost my house Done lost my job, wife walking out? These church folk say they my friends But I'm all they talk about I've been doing wrong, I'm so sorry Lord, please forgive me [Chorus:] WE CONFESS TO HIM, HE'LL REMOVE ALL WICKEDNESS THE BLOOD FROM YOUR SON WILL WASH ME FROM MY SINS CLEAN THIS HOUSE, FROM THE INSIDE OUT RESTORE ME, TAKE AWAY MY IMPURITY LORD I NEED YOU TO, CLEAN THIS HOUSE FROM THE INSIDE OUT RESTORE ME, TAKE AWAY MY IMPURITY Wait a minute, I found a witness [R. KELLY] Sitting here sippin' on something to drink The enemy's got the best of me,and I gotta do something quick, before I go crazy,so many voices in my head, so load I can't even think,my friends and family are gone, my life is going so wrong, LORD, I need you to come, Oh! take me home, Oh! make a way, Out of no way, MY HERO! come on and save the day! [Chorus:] I gotta keep it real...Lord my life needs a fix and I...said, I need you to do the remix, remix, (remix it for me)Come on...come on, Lord, I need you to remix my life said I'm out here, and I know it ain't right, see inside I'm hurting, but a smile is on my face Lord, take your holy broom, and sweep up the place! [Chorus:] Receive it, receive it, believe it, believe it, achieve it, achieve it,

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