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What I Do by Morgann McClanahan | CD Reviews And Information |

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"What I Do (Hallelujah)" Lyrics [edit]
by Morgann McClanahan | from the album What I Do

"WHAT I DO [HALLELUJAH]" (M. McClanahan/R. Varenkamp)
Psalms 102:18

How could I ever write the words on a page that would do You justice?
How could I ever strum a chord or two that capture Your song?
When Iím in Your presence, all that I can do is stand and watch in silence
When I sing, I know all of the seraphim are singing along
Next to them, how can I compare?
Yet my heartís music to Your ears (Cause)

You love praise, so thatís what I do
Give a little, lift a little up to You
Singing hallelujah, hallelujah
You love praise, so thatís what I do
Give a little, lift a little up to You
Singing hallelujah, hallelujah (to the Lamb of God)

How could I ever bring You something new when You own all creation,
When it's been said that there is nothing new that's under the sun?
As if I could offer something greater than what You've already given
In the end, I know that on my own I'm just a tiny speck of dust
What I offer cannot compare
But I'll still bring it to you


I canít contain it, God,
Canít hold Your greatness, God,
Under a bushel, got to proclaim it every chance Iíve got
'Cause Youíre amazing, God
So call me crazy, but thatís what I was born to doó
To be a little crazy about You


Oh, that's just what I do
Oh, that's just what I do

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