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01 . Follow Your Heart



"Follow Your Heart" Lyrics [edit]
by Anthem Lights | from the album Follow Your Heart

Some say follow your own heart And it will never lead you astray Some say chase your own dreams That's all that matters anyway Well, I've been there, done that Tried that, lived that way like it was all for me And I came back, found out Truth is turns out to get me where I meant to be I've gotta follow Your heart If anything is gonna count in this life I've gotta follow Your heart If I'm ever gonna make a mark on eternity So let Heaven's heartbeat always move me Let my only prayer be to follow Your heart Help me follow Your heart I don't need a second opinion You just say the word, I'll go And I don't need any convincing To walk along a narrow road 'Cause I'm all in, sold out Can't turn back now These are more than empty words For the things that I want I trust, You got I'll just keep the first thing first I count it all as joy To give this life away, away There's not a cost too high Or price that I won't pay To follow Your heart, follow Your heart Follow Your heart, follow Your heart Gotta follow Your heart, follow Your heart Help me follow Your heart

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