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Starla Over the Fences EP by The Gloomcatcher  | CD Reviews And Information | Starla Over the Fences EP
by The Gloomcatcher | Genre: Country/Southern Gospel
Starla Over the Fences is The Gloomcatcher's second release. The EP was digitally released on July 19, 2011.
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Burlap To Cashmere by Burlap To Cashmere  | CD Reviews And Information | Burlap To Cashmere
by Burlap To Cashmere | Genre: Country/Southern Gospel
Stepping back into the spotlight after a decade away takes an unusually high degree of musical integrity. For folk-rock pioneer Burlap to Cashmere, a band that built a reputation for both exceptional studio projects and as an unyielding touring act ...
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thegodmachine by Phinehas  | CD Reviews And Information | thegodmachine
by Phinehas | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal
thegodmachine will be packed full of aggressive tracks to the tone of “I Am the Lion”. Phinehas will also slow it down a bit in a few tunes that are rhythmic and dissonant. This, along with the signature solos, riffs, breakdowns, and double bass is certain ...
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To Those Perishing by A Past Unknown  | CD Reviews And Information | To Those Perishing
by A Past Unknown | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal
A PAST UNKNOWN has exploded into the scene with a passionate heart felt new style of hardcore flooded with raw heart pounding lyrics. On July 19th, the band sets off to carve a new niche in the hardcore scene with To Those Perishing. Newly signed to ...
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C - EP by Justin McRoberts | CD Reviews And Information | C - EP
by Justin McRoberts | Genre: AC/Inspo
C is a good first step in the triple EP series, CMY(K). The music is consistently delivered and fitting for the themes. Since the theme remains relatively the same, however, the album does not always offer much diversity. While the content here won't ...
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Samestate EP by Samestate  | CD Reviews And Information | Samestate EP
by Samestate | Genre: Pop/Rock

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Teach Us by Mosaic  | CD Reviews And Information | Teach Us
by Mosaic | Genre: Praise & Worship

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Lonely Lullaby - Single by Owl City  | CD Reviews And Information | Lonely Lullaby - Single
by Owl City | Genre: Pop/Rock
This is a single release of a new Owl City song. Adam Young does it again just a month after his hit-release All Things Bright And Beautiful. Can we expect a new album from him soon? Keep your eyes peeled.
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Life Love & The Inbetween by Lybecker  | CD Reviews And Information | Life Love & The Inbetween
by Lybecker | Genre: Pop/Rock

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Renaissance by Mark Schultz | CD Reviews And Information | Renaissance
by Mark Schultz | Genre: Other
Dove Award-winning artist Mark Schultz offers his first instrumental album ever. Inspired by recent travels with is wife through Italy, Renaissance includes moving piano solos with memorable melodies that showcase Mark's signature style.
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25 Favorite Silly Songs by VeggieTales  | CD Reviews And Information | 25 Favorite Silly Songs
by VeggieTales | Genre: Other
It’s the most silliness allowed to be on one collection! 25 of the wackiest, the funniest, and the most sing-able silly songs from the VeggieTales vault of fun!
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