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The Profit
by Japhia Life 
Added 12/15/14 by DwayneLacy_NRT
Gotta Have Gospel Chri
by Various Artists - Christmas 
Added 12/15/14 by DwayneLacy_NRT
Brighter Than the Sun
by Dante Schmitz 
Added 12/12/14 by MarcusHathcock_NRT
Christmas Miracle
by Joshua Mills 
Added 12/08/14 by PhronsieHowell_NRT
Stix and Stones Unplug
by HillaryJane 
Added 12/08/14 by SarahWilson_NRT
After All These Years
by Andrew Peterson 
Added 12/05/14 by PhronsieHowell_NRT
Join the Triumph
by Citizens & Saints 
Added 12/02/14 by CaitlinLassiter_NRT
by Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil 
Added 12/01/14 by MaryNikkel_NRT
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by Manic Drive 
Added 11/12/14 by Dawno
The InBetween
by Scarlet White 
Added 10/13/14 by IronJedi
Sunsets & Second Chanc
by The Lasting Hope 
Added 06/30/14 by IronJedi
by Wes Hampton 
Added 03/11/14 by Dawno
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New Reviews From NRTeam Members
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The Generous Mr. Lovew
by MercyMe 
Added 12/18/14 by Manic
In Crowd (Single)
by Rapture Ruckus 
Added 12/16/14 by IceBerg365
Welcome to Daylight
by Luminate 
Added 12/15/14 by Manic
The Acoustic Sessions
by Anthem Lights 
Added 12/15/14 by Manic
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Church Music
by David Crowder*Band 
Added 08/22/09
by justink
Born Again
by Newsboys 
Added 12/28/10
by KevinDavis_NRT
by DecembeRadio 
Added 08/19/08
by BillLurwick_NRT
by Skillet 
Added 08/18/09
by CCMmagazine
by Skillet 
Added 08/18/09
by piano89
by Skillet 
87 Reviews
by Skillet 
85 Reviews
Portable Sounds
by tobyMac 
67 Reviews
The Altar and the Door
by Casting Crowns 
65 Reviews
Five Score and Seven Y
by Relient K 
65 Reviews
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