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The River
by Beverly Lewis 
Added 01/31/15 by Dawno
There You'll Find Me
by Jenny B. Jones 
Added 05/24/14 by Dawno
Traces of Mercy
by Michael Landon, Jr. 
Added 05/24/14 by Dawno
by Nick Vujicic 
Added 01/20/14 by BlackLeopard
The Captive Maiden
by Melanie Dickerson 
Added 12/30/13 by BlackLeopard
The New Answers, Book
by Ken Ham 
Added 12/13/13 by BlackLeopard
Wherever I Wind Up
by R.A. Dickey 
Added 08/11/12 by TCMRB
The 13th Tribe
by Robert Liparulo 
Added 04/01/12 by ChristianManifesto
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Called to Preach, Cond
by Clayton Sullivan 
Added 04/15/15 by kimsalina
Just in Case You Ever
by Max Lucado 
Added 04/04/15 by patsysherry725
The Lion, the Witch, a
by C. S. Lewis 
Added 02/28/15 by whovianshark53
Take a Chance on Me
by Susan May Warren 
Added 02/21/15 by kalea_kane
A Lineage of Grace
by Francine Rivers 
Added 12/10/14 by Manic
Mark of the Lion : A
by Francine Rivers 
Added 12/10/14 by Manic
by Frank Peretti 
Added 09/19/14 by BrightAsDay
Colliding With Desti
by Sarah Jakes 
Added 09/02/14 by CalebGarza
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The Shack
by William Paul Young 
Added 03/16/09
by BlackLeopard
" Come What May"
by Laura A. Diaz 
Added 06/09/11
by MariaNav
The Trouble with Tulip
by Mindy Starns Clark 
Added 09/18/08
by lynnctodd
Love Wins
by Rob Bell 
Added 04/19/11
by cpolktfc
The Shack
by William Paul Young 
Added 07/02/09
by teague
by Frank Peretti 
38 Reviews
by Ted Dekker 
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The Shack
by William Paul Young 
23 Reviews
by Ted Dekker 
18 Reviews
by Ted Dekker 
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