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Friday, February 11, 2011

Over 30 New Songs Added!
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 Hey Everyone!

I've been stock piling the latest new music for 3-4 weeks and had to update the station with all this great music that continues to pour across my desk. Every since I started NRT Radio in September of last year, my appitite for music has grown even bigger than it was before. I'm discovering new artists and songs on albums that I may have missed throughout the year that are just blowing me away, and I don't add a single song to the station that I don't personally love.

It's that small statement that really sets NRT Radio apart from 99% of the stations that are out there. We're not tied to small radio charts, we're not married to the latest, hottest singles and we move faster than almost everyone else. We also will play any genre, no matter what. Our only criteia is that it has to be a great song. Of course, I fully understand that's subjective but hopefully you'll hear more music you like than you don't like. And if that's not the case, let me know.I'm all ears.

Christian Internet Radio Station

The station has been growing steadily as well. In the past 30-days, we've welcomed almost 3,200 unique listeners (up 130% over last month) from 98 countries and we're approaching 9,000 total listening hours, a unit of measurement for online radio. When we left Live365 a few months back, we were averaging around 4,500, so we've more than doubled our listenership in just a few short months!

Today, we've retired a lot of great music to make room for everything coming and have added about 30 NEW songs to our 9+ hour playlist. There's some incredible new music that you're going to love. 

Here's what's new on NRT Radio this month:

You can enjoy NRT Radio anytime, anywhere. Just got to and click on LISTEN NOW in your browser or smart phone and then choose the player of your choice! You can also listen using your mobile device. Details are on our site. 


Kevin McNeese
NRT Radio - Program Director



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February 22, 2011, 11:04AM 
Hello Kevin,

I recently started listening to the radio station and have been enjoying it greatly. There are many songs and artists that I don't hear on my local CCM station which is great! It's amazing how many outstanding songs just never get any exposure.

I had a question of sorts and recommendation for the station that I wanted to pass along. I listen at work and thus am tuned in for very long periods of time. I've noticed that it seems the songs are all part of a list that just gets repeated each day. I guess I wish there was more randomness to it all and I have this sense that there are many songs that I'm simply not hearing because they are in the rotation during times when I'm not able to log on and listen.

Is there a way to create some kind of program that would still allow you control over the number of times a song is played each day, but randomize the playlist? I think that would really increase my enjoyment of the station if that was possible.
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