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Sunday, December 30, 2012

As 2012 turns into 2013
Category: Life
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2012 was an epic year,for many spectacular reasons and for some not so spectacular reasons. That sentence describes the whole world as well as every person living on it. No matter how pessimistic or optimistic we are, every one of us can point out both bad and good, accomplishments we rose to the task and achived and failures that we beat ourselves up for (some of us still are) and as the new year approaches these memories once more come to mind. In the next few days we will be making New Years Resolutions, goals we hope to reach in 2013, it's important though to not let our past dictate these goals.
From an optimistic standpoint we must not become complacent, for me I fall victim to this a lot. When we set goals we may look back and think "well those were pretty awesome, I'm at a good enough point" but that can be very detrimental to a Christian's walk. For as Christians we are called to constantly be striving to grow in Christ and to live out His message, but if we view our walk as "good enough" are we truly getting the point of Christ's ministry?

On the flipside we can't let failures and short comings stop us or make us rethink our goals or commitment to Christ. For many Satan loves pulling the victim card, making people believe they are less than what they are, that they are not capable, or "what will make this time different then all the others?". We have to fight the urge, every great man/woman was met with failure at some point, or had a shortcoming, no human has ever been perfect except Christ. Something to think on is, if everyone was perfect would we need God? It's through our imperfections that God shines through, it's in our weakness God makes us strong! So no matter our past or our weaknesses God's there with a task, wanting to help us accomplish it.

For me I view new years as opportunities to reach new heights and do things I never would have dreamed, We only have so many years, why not make them count! God Bless and to all a Happy New Year!


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