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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

war and peace
Category: Bible Study Devotionals
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Who hates controversial bible topics (examples: Predestination, war and peace, faith works, anything end times) well truthfully I've come to think about many of these topics a lot in my life and i really find them interesting. (hmm maybe i should start a devotional series on them heck who knows?)anyway so war and peace whats it mean, are we suppose to be fighting in Iraq or will God handle it, are we Gods way of handling it? Ecclesiastes 3 speaks of a time for everything including war and peace and this makes me wonder, does christ endorse peace or war, factually he says he came to tear families apart (luke 12:49-53) so whats he trying to say when he also says 6 chapters earlier to love your enemies (Luke 6:35) so are we supposed to love our enemies as we fight them or what. I almost look at it as a parent disciplining their child, its love but its harsh, so is America the parent? who decides whos right and whos not? God isn't peaceful he is God he didn't tell the isrealites to kill every last amalakite out of peace, so what is his motive and should police the world or wait for God to do something, or are we the someone to do the something God wants done?

I hope your not confused?


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April 17, 2008, 05:30AM 
You did confuse me a bit, but I get what your saying. Yeah, we had a similar conversation after I saw a skit last year with a part of my youth group. In the skit terrorists infiltrated America and were killing Christians. So some Christians banded together and made a group called "The Elect" to take out terrorists. And I was arguing that God commanded the Israelites to kill all the people in the promised land, but we never got to a conclusion so now I'm not 100% sure what to think exactly.
But IMO War is normal for societies. So killing has to be done or the "bad" societies would over take the other one's.
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