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Monday, November 09, 2009

Husband of Mine
Category: Life
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My husband is unsaved. we have been through the ringer and back!!Let me tell you! But I am not. What I am going to tell you is how God has worked a work in our lives! ANd that I can NOT believe how ANYONE could make it through this life and all of the things that it dishes out. SOme by consequence and some by God's sovergien will. We who are saved HAVE GOD! I was talking to a friend to today and she is going through some of the same things thtat I have experienced with my husband, and the only thing that I could say was that is is because of God that we have prevailed and I have survived the hurt and pain that has happened in our marriage. When she left I was so amazed, and saw how God has helped me stay saine throughout all the crap. He is amazing! What do people do without Him. Are you being an example so they know who He is? So they can have the same peace and purpose in life???
And then through this conversation with her, I realized how blessed I am to have God on my side and working so evidently in my husbands heart! Thank you Lord Jesus for taking the time for me!

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