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Furious by Jeremy Furious by Jeremy
Jeremy Riddle has long been one of my favorite singers. His voice range is off the hook.This new CD really shows this off.I love praise and worship music. To me there is nothing better.Every song on this...
This Is What We Believe by Aaron This Is What We Believe by Aaron
Aaron Shust has done it again. He is a master singer/songwriter. His new CD,"This Is What I Believe", is epic.I have all of Aaron's CD's and I did not think he could come close to doing as well...
Never Odd or Even by Shonlock Never Odd or Even by Shonlock
The new CD by Shonlock,Never Odd or Even is the free album preview this week. Lke many others,the only rap/hiphop I listen to is Toby Mac and KJ-52. I listened to the entire Cd and overall it wasn't...

Anthem Song | Posted March-12-2011
I have never been a big fan of Uneroath. That being said,I do like The Amost,Aaron's new band. When I heard he ws making a worship album,I looked forward to hearing this.I have listened to "Anthem Song"twice and must say I was very surprised.
"All Things" kicks off this CD.It is a good song with a good message and beat.Other very good songs on this CD are "Hosanna" ( IMO,a possible CM radio song),"We Were Made For You" and "You Are My Everything".
Two excellent slow ballad songs are "I will Worship You" and "Your Song Goes on Forever".Aaron's voice and passion are displayed well on these two songs.
My two favorite songs on thr Cd are the title tract,"Anthem Song" and "Washed Away".These songs should be in everyone's ipod to enjoy
Overall,I gave this CD 4 stars.It is a good CD from AG. I look forward to hearing more worship music from Aaron.

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Blessed My Soul | Posted March-05-2011
I must say for a band that has not done anything out since the 1990's,I was very pleased with The Mission Field by Blessid Union of Souls.The opening song,"Miracles" is very good.The vocals are great and the lyrics are excellent.I must say I enjoyed the lyrics on every song.They are powerful and edifying.The title cut,"The Mission Field",is a good song but it is a shorter song than the rest of the songs on the CD."Come Undone"
is without a doubt the best song on this CD.It is a great worship song."Pray For You" and "Back From the Dead" are right there as great songs as well.
Overall,I like this CD.Worship music is great to listen to. It can prepare your heart to come before the Lord as well as open your mind to be able to come before Him.Praise and Worship music is always going to be one of my favorite types of music.
I wish Blessid Union of Souls nothing but the Best.They have made a great CD.

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Welcome Back | Posted February-23-2011
It is very good to hear Mark Stuart singing again.His voice is not as strong as it was during his AA days,but it is refreshing to hear him again.Julia Ross's vocals on several songs are excellent.I esp. enjoyed "Attention" and "Sanctuary". It was good to hear the remakes of "Hands and Feet" and "Ocean Floor" two AA classics.The best songs for me on this CD and the reason I will buy this CD are "Build Us Back","spirit Speaks" and "Jealous God". These worship songs should be sung at every church.
I enjoyed this Cd and reccommend it to all.

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Dying For More | Posted February-16-2011
I have listened to Love Riot by Worth Dying For twice already. It is an awesome CD.I really like the rock sound they have to their praise music.The female lead singer is great. Every song after the opening spoken word song is good.My favorite songs on this CD are "Savoir","Through Your Eyes","Stir It Up",and "Higher".This is to me a different style of praise music- and I approve it 100%.I am sure youth group praise bands as well as today's youth will be drawn to this CD. I highly recommend this CD.I cannot wait to hear more from Worth Dying For. My thanks to NRT for previewing this CD.

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Hawk Nelson | Posted February-09-2011
I would not consider myself to be a devoted HN fan.I like several of their songs. That being said,"Crazy Love",the new CD by HN is OK.I really likes "Your LoveIs A Mystery","Crazy Love","My Next Breath","We can Change The World" and "One Shot". These songs are pop and slow ballad songs.I really do nit care for the punk rock songs such as "Talley-Ho","Skeleton" and "Fraud". "LAX" is one of the worst songs I ever heard. Thankfully it is very short. This is a typical HN CD. True HN fans will really enjoy this CD.

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My Face is RED | Posted February-04-2011
Red's third CD,"Until We Have Faces" came out this week.I have heard it 3 times amd love it !!
It has a great mix of solid rock as well as good
ballads."Feed the Machine" is a great song to open up the Cd.My favorite songs are "Lie to Me",
"Let it Burn","Buried Beneath" and "Watch You Crawl"."Not Alone" and "Best is Yet to Come"
are excellent ballads.This isby far Red's best CD
to date.This CD should establish Red as one of the best Christian rock bands out there today.
PS I look forward to hearing Red during the Super Bowl this Sunday on NRT.

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Leaving Very Impressed | Posted January-31-2011
Brandon Heath's third solo album "Leaving Eden"
is IMHO, his best album yet.Brandon's voice is great and his writing skills are truly blessed by the Lord.The title tract,"Leaving Eden" is a great
song.I liked it from the first time I heard it.I
told myself, what could top that? Well, "Your Love"(The 2011 song of the year IMO)does."Stolen"
"Now More Than Ever" and "Only Water" also are great songs.However my two favorite songs on this outstanding CD are "The Light In Me" and "It's
Alright".I predict these songs will be #1 hits as well.
This is by far Brandon's best CD. I strongly urge everyone to get this Cd. You will not be disappointed.

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Unshakable Indeed | Posted April-09-2010
I am grateful to Kevin for giving us a free preview of this CD. I had not heard of this group. I have now and I have been truly blessed.
Deluge is an awesome praise and worship band.Deeper,Jesus Lamb of God.Sing of the Blood are great songs. My favorites are Power,Refuge,
Overjoyed and I Wanna Dance.I also like Let's Worship,esp. with guest singer Kari Jobe.My thanks go out to The Archangel for letting me know who the female guest singer was.
This is a great CD.Anyone who enjoys P&W music should get this CD.

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Good Music | Posted March-18-2010
I live near Houston,Texas which is where the Robbie Seay band resides.I have seen them several times. They have played at my brother's church as well as local venues.I enjoy their music very much.
"Miracle" by the RSB is an excellent follow up to their last album "Give Yourself Away". Robbie Seay has a unique voice.I enjoy his singing very much. This Cd has several really good songs on it. My favorites are,"Love Invades","Crazy Love"
"Your Love is Strong" and "Let Our Faith Be Not
Alone". IMO, this CD is the RSB's best work.
I completely disagree with a previous review saying this CD is bad.
The song "Lament" has a female backup singer.She has a great voice. If I knew who she was,I would give her some great props.Listen to this song and see if you agree with me.

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My Heart Was Touched | Posted March-05-2010
Sanctus Real's new CD,"Pieces of a real Heart" is
a very moving,spirit filling CD.From the opening song "Forgiven",the songs flow together to bring the listener to a closer relationship with the Lord.All the songs are excellent.My two favorites
are "These Things Take Time" and "Dear Heart".I expect "Lead Me","Keep My Heart Alive" and "I want to get Lost" to be big hits as well.
I like the fact that this CD is different from the rest of SR CD's. to me this shows the band's
growth as well as flexibility.It is good to know that they cannot be limited to just one type of music.
I cannot wait to purchase this CD for myself next
week. This is a sure fire top 10 CD for 2010.

PS The review written by Kevin Davis is outstanding. Read this one and mine and disregard all the negative reviews of this CD.

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