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Mad Haven by Canon Mad Haven by Canon
Canon – Mad Haven Review: TrackListing Highlights: 1.Mad Haven – Mad haven is a term Canon uses that is his reality and world inside his mind. Where everyone is feeding off of sin only in...
Kings & Queens by Audio Adrenaline Kings & Queens by Audio Adrenaline
 I got my Album of " Kings & Queens" by Audio Adrenaline three to five days before when it supposed to release tmmrw. at the date of me writing this review. The only way you could get...
Heaven and Earth (Expanded Edition) by Phil Heaven and Earth (Expanded Edition) by Phil
 I am reviewing  the normal release of " Heaven & Earth" by Phil Wickham Song meaning: 1. Eden - This song touches my heart in a special way. It takes us back to where we were...

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Mad Haven Review - Canon | Posted February-06-2014
Canon – Mad Haven Review:
TrackListing Highlights:
1.Mad Haven – Mad haven is a term Canon uses that is his reality and world inside his mind. Where everyone is feeding off of sin only in his world where every door he opens there is lusts, others are drinking and others are still living in the darkness down every door. The only way you can get into this new reality is to Knock on the door to Heaven so that God will let you in thus prevented darkness from changing perception. Two doors- One is the acceptance of overcoming our struggles and the darkness and the other door is staying in your darkness day by day. Mad Haven is a term of restoration for those that find the light and want to commit to it.

2. How We Do It – Interesting beat on this one. I love how he collaborated with This’l and Lecrae on this single. Sonically it makes it sound fresh , gives a head nodding vibe and refreshing to the young listener that doesn’t want to hear the same generic voice rap ; canon’s got that perfect style. He raps fast at the beginning hook which is so cool, I don’t even know how he can do it. Romans 1:16 he represents . Hence, Lecrae ( Romans 1:16 and the person who started the Christian rap movement recently in the first place)

3. Walk With Me-  Canon talks about how people are leaving God and that you better start walking with some of us Christians because we need to escape these non-satisfying desires where sometimes those lost will persecute us Christians. He uses his vocals to change pitch here or something which sounds so awesome. It’s a little hard to understand the switch in pitch and speed at first but he is basically talking about how You are either with God and other Christians , that those lost that his dialect and speech will be alien to others because they cannot understand Christianity if they themselves are not living it.

4. Different- A fun track that has a great beat and great flow. I love how it has some singing from this one guy to break the tension of the rhythm of Canon’s flow.

5. Lotto – Very diverse track haha. Derek minor goes in on this one and Canon is just a beast with his flow. At the beginning Canon’s whole voice changes in the album ; he has this ability. Then he goes super fast with his rap flow as usual ; then breaks it down slower haha. I just like smiling on this track when he does that.

6. Full Plates – I love the opening verse in this. Sonically so great like I have said throughout this entire album.

7. The road- Obviously the most relaxing song on the entire album. He raps at a slower pace on this one. You can sense his passion with this whole song. He explains his issues and how everyone has to go down a road even if they may feel helpless, sometimes you just gotta go. This is a song about problems with trust, problems without knowing what work you will do  for
the Lord. You have to deal with those that may not necessarily like you in life but you still have to stay on the road.

Lastly, My personal favorite : Mind Vomit. He just speaks his mind on this one reflecting. He clearly identifies his purpose towards everyone.
Overall, this is one of the hardest albums to listen to at first if you are not used to faster rapping which Canon is gifted in. Sonically this album is the best I have heard out of all Christian rap I have listened to so far. It is the perfect album to put on repeat when your studying for school , college or doing work because it has nice flows and captivating beats that will just keep you shaking your head & maybe saying “ I feel this dude, I feel what he is saying even if it is slightly fast.”
Creatively – 10/10
Sonically – 10/10
Beats – 10/10

Pace – Very fast , comprehension of material is very fast paced throughout this album because he usually raps and even speaks spoken word fast in his raps but if you listen carefully you can understand everything he is saying.

Beats – Vibe beats that are so relaxing it is the perfect album to put on repeat when working  whether at work, school or college. You can feel the divinity through these beats and Canon’s passion which resonates in your heart. You might even smile at the end of this album because of the creativity of these beats and his very unique flow.

Content – Content could have been maybe a little clearer but yet he has a different dialect from where he is from.

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Kings and Queens Audio Adrenaline Review | Posted March-11-2013
 I got my Album of " Kings & Queens" by Audio Adrenaline three to five days before when it supposed to release tmmrw. at the date of me writing this review. The only way you could get the album early is either by attending one of their most recent live concert where you could buy it at their show before release day or on their official site through one of the various pre-sale packages. Luckily I will be getting the exclusive " King of Combacks" video documentary soon via since I bought the top pre-sale package that included all the great bonuses with it.

“Kings & Queens” Audio Adrenaline Review:

Song analysis:

1   1   He Moves You Move – A very upbeat song that says to leave behind all the mistakes we have made in the past and to move on. We are all afraid to take the next step in our faith when God shows us a different way to live. However, God was the one who is and always will be the author of our story in our life. It is wise to let the Holy Spirit himself influence us to move even if we think about the degree of ambiguity when going into the uncertain. We cannot therefore be two things at once, we cannot be moved if we drift back to our past and never forgive ourselves of our own sins and maybe even our own past which we might be ashamed of.


2   2    Kings & Queens – Audio Adrenaline’s lead single off this album. This is a song devoted to the children and orphans in Haiti. Sometimes we are so caught up in life where our only concern is how I will use my money wisely someday when I get a job and will I be happy with my job someday. This song promotes unity among believers to reach out to everyone even those forgotten and left behind by the world. Some of our world just discards those less fortunate “The least of these” because sometimes individuality consumes us and we so forget to love others like God wants us to. Sometimes loving those who are not necessarily well-liked, famous, wealthy or wide-known is one of the hardest things to do. I encourage us as a nation to love those who are lesser than ourselves and to give ourselves freely not only in our actions but also likewise with our ideas.


3   3   Believer – This is melodic and has a great beat. Kevin Max’s vocals soar to above the skies of Heaven. This song discusses the themes in the Bible where we have to kill our flesh to see through the darkness and to move from our ordinary duty in the world from our education and individuality into the divine service of God where we want to get out and explore a new light, a new horizon and receive a new life that honors God and gives thanks back to him daily and continuously. Finally, this song is the transition from darkness to light of the Christian believer in their faith.



4    r    King of Comebacks - We all deserve a second chance through Jesus Christ and in him alone.


5           Change My Name – This song is original and very creative. It lies within the concept of our changed identity when who we were in our past has passed away and when we have received new life and a new purpose. Thus many of us want to be renamed and only remembered by the things we do in our " New life" - the life commonly not pursued by our flesh but by the holy spirit and our new personality and desires God has given us.


6             20:17 (Raise the Banner) – This song is sweet and innocent. This song comes from 2 Chronicles 20:17 which says "You will not have to fight this battle. Take up your positions; stand firm and see the deliverance the Lord will give you, O Judah and Jerusalem. Do not be afraid ; do not be discouraged. Go out to face tomorrow, and the Lord will be with you." ( NIV.)  It also the most melodious and unique song by Kevin Max. His vocals guide the perfect sound for this. We have to raise our banner of love to everyone, stand up for what we want. We must fight the battle between the two forces of Light and Darkness as we have always known. We have to shine our light on others and be heard in this world.


7  7,    Fire Never Sleeps – It begins with a hard guitar riff at the beginning and just sounds good.


8  8.      Seeker – God seeks us out, he chooses each of us in his Kingdom for a special purpose. Even though people will deny it, God is the only thing that suffices in our life to provide us comfort. God is the one who finds all of us lost and scattered among the nations.


99.        I Climb the Mountain – Why do we hold God and keep him to ourselves? Why would we hide and constantly promise him that we will take actions and care for the other of billions of people in this world? We must come to the Lord because we sometimes don’t want to tell others about Christ because we think they might call us Jesus freaks or think lesser of us or even some of our friends might think of us as outcasts  in public if we share God and talk about Jesus. That is only if we are unevenly yoked which we are in society. We will come across those who believe in the one true God and others who don’t and then those who claim they are believers but are false teachers. God says be careful of those that look like prophets and look the same but whose hearts are very different from our own.


1  The Answer – A quite and solemn tune to end the album out , then some harder guitar riffs begin. This discusses the themes of abandoning our concerns with our jobs , riches , how are friends think of us and a change of our self-perceptions regarding the world and actions that the rest of the world might call morally good. All we are missing to fill the void of our hearts is our Lord and savior Jesus. In the other part of the track , the backup vocals sound more like the Newsboys.



Overall: I will admit I had my biases about this group since their past lead singer lost his voice. If you love the upbeat Newsboys with Michael Tait’s rhythm and the album “Born Again” Miracles Edition then you will love this. You will also love this album if you love Christian Alternative Rock, Christian Rock , Christian Pop and Kevin Max, Tait  , and DC Talk. Each song is poignant with Kevin Max’s lyrics breaking the boundaries in Christian music and soaring above Heaven to create a truly inspirational album and CD with his divine voice and rhythm that reinforces the themes of Unity , a tribute to the orphans in Haiti and a thanksgiving in all circumstances to the Lord. The new Audio Adrenaline is a voice for our nation and a voice to bring communication and love to others no matter if someone is from Haiti , Europe , Russia , Ireland , The United Kingdom or the United States and anyone else in the world. We are all in this fight to defeat the darkness and then after that to serve our Lord in ordained and divine service by spending all our time around people and in God’s word while still making time to do our jobs in this world , strengthen relationships; communication in the church and to reach out to help unselfishly with those lesser than us so we can live as human beings in this world despite all the darkness that consumes it and drifts people away from their particular service God has assigned to them.


Favorite Songs & Explanations:


1.      20:17 (Raise the Banner) – This song is my favorite on the album because it shows our love we need for people and for us to shine our light on this world despite what perceptions and stereotypes people hold against us. I imagine us pulling through the banner of a finish line once we are consumed within God’s love because our victory is already promised by God. Our faith along with our obedience to uphold God’s divinity for all willing to listen and to those who  accept him experience it. Will you be the one to win the race or will you be one of those that get left behind and cannot see the light because the gates of your own transgressions withhold you?


2.      Fire Never Sleeps – A beautiful song with incredible guitar riffs. I love it because of Kevin Max’s vocals. The fire is our past and darkness that leaves us broken as individuals. God will deliver us from our ruin and give us new desires to be able to serve him. On the other hand, God’s love is representative as fire to because it consumes us. Thus, it represents an ignition in the heart that ignites us to want God’s qualities that he gives freely. It relates the most to me so I enjoy it the most.


3.      Kings and Queens – I love because they open up to share the stories of those orphans in Haiti. 


4.      The Answer – The sounds remind me of those children who are struggling out of the United States. Also, the second most inspirational song and related song to me because I don’t need riches, comfort in friends nor comfort in material goods to be happy. All I need is to honor God  and carry out my purpose extending to love for my friends and family.


5.      He Moves You Move




Divine & Pure – 10/10

Band’s Rebirth – 10/10

Nostalgia – 10/10

Sound- 11/10 – I give Kevin Max bonus points for his great vocals that God has blessed him with.

Message – 10/10

Replayability Ratio : 100/100


**** End Note****  Go buy this album as soon as you can to support a great cause where all profits go towards the " Hands and Feet" foundation to help build better homes and facilities for the orphans that lie within the areas in Haiti. Also ignite yourself with the great return of this awesome 1990's Band that could possibly have made just now the single largest comeback in the Christian music industry. 

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" Heaven & Earth" Review | Posted July-14-2012
 I am reviewing  the normal release of " Heaven & Earth" by Phil Wickham
Song meaning:

1. Eden - This song touches my heart in a special way. It takes us back to where we were all innocent as children and where we were at our closest with God. Many people, Christians and rebels have drifted away from his arms.

2. Coming Alive is about loving others and we are alive in Christ trying to help others win the battle between the big struggle we are always trying to overcome in this world. We are here to serve others and God alone in this world and this song just has themes of hope and redemption through being involved in the Body of Christ.

3. Heaven & Earth are the two boundaries and the two sides to life. This is the ultimate battle we are trying to overcome , to drop everything our flesh desires , dropping our possessions for what will come once we finally reach Heaven. There is more to the meaning of life , we have to go deeper into the meaning of life and only then  we will be redeemed against the pit of despair. 

4. The Time Is Now - We cannot pospone and waste our life and the precious time God has given us. We must wait and let go of our flesh , it is the only way for us to have everlasting peace. 

5. Hold On has a electronic and ambient vibe to it. It is very upbeat and this song is for when we become broken and God's love restores us. 

6. Safe - We cannot cross boundaries that God commands us to in our heart's not to touch. If we go beyond his boundaries it is very hard to come back to God because we feel ashamed for what we have done. He always accepts us again though and gives us a second chance.

7. In Your City is a catchy song where Phil Wickham's melody soars to glorify Christ and see the whole city and community change because when we are involved in God' love , we can see cities and nations change. 

There are more tracks but these are the ones that stood out to me the most along with their meanings. 

Overall: 4.5/5
Vocals : 5/5
Meaning: 4.5/5
Lasting Appeal : 4/5

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"Daughtry" Deluxe Edition - Daughtry | Posted July-07-2012
 Daughtry is one of the biggest leaders in modern rock in the mainstream section of today's music. He is a former American Idol winner and started  his first album " Daughtry" in 2006 , His sophmore album " Leave This Town" in 2009 and his most recent album " Break The Spell" in 2011. This is the Deluxe edition of Daughtry by Daughtry which includes an acoustic American Idol fan appretiation exclusive of " What About Now"
and 3 more exclusive Deluxe edition tracks like " Feels Like The First time" , " Its Not Over" ( Live) , " Home" ( acoustic version)  It also has a DVD featuring " It's Not Over" music video , " Home" music video , " Over You" music video , " Feels Like Tonight" music video, " What About Now" mvideo. Two live concert preformances of " Breakdown" and " There And Back Again" as well as an exclusive interview. It is also the only album of Daughtry's so far to have 7 radio singles.

Song breakdown and meaning:
1." It's Not Over" - Even despite the struggles that we go through in this world we cannot call it quits despite what we have endured in our lives. We have all messed up and Daughtry personally talks about him messing up with the women he love's and wants to make sure he sets thinks right.  

2. "Used To" - This is a flashback in Daughtry's life reminiscing over the time him and his women had together and the things they had that was theirs. They used to talk and then once they went their seperate ways she was unhappy that she left him. Their love grew stale and lost value.

3." Home" is where he wants to go back where his love and him left off. He is getting bored of doing and seeing the same things happened and regrets leaving his relationship. In a Christian sense we all mess up and then want to come back to God. Sometimes we are not proud of what we have done but it happens.

4. "Over You" - He is moving on in his life and going to find another girl he can have a relationship with.

5. "Crashed" is one of the most personal songs and  to me represents a stage in everyone's life. All of us on this earth are trying to find things to fill our void whether it be wealth , lusts , pleasures or other idols we worship. The world suddenly then pulls us in and we get stuck in Satan's pit of despair. Then once we go through all of these struggles and see everything, it makes sense to us that God was the only thing we were missing. Sometimes it takes us to where we are in such a bad situation in life that nothing can be worse nor hurt us anymore mentally or physically. Crashed is our tendency to look for other things that will fill up our life to keep us happy and sane but in the end it just consumes us in fire and flame.

6. "Feels Like Tonight" is a song that is to represent our broken hearts and the broken hearts of the world whether through relationships we are in our through our relationship with God. This is the transition from sinner to Born again Christian. This is the moment we all begin to find meaning on how our void can only be filled with love and God and nothing else.

7." Breakdown" tells us not to judge other people, tell them lies or lead them astray. In other words, we cannot throw the Gospel down someone's throat and judge their own life. God is the only one that can save us and carry out our plan. Wicked people justify their lies and try to make exceptions to rebuke the Lord and love the works of darkness. Daughtry is saying the wicked will all breakdown once they realize they are going around the bush hiding from their problems by justifying and revolting, twisting words  against what lies in God's word.

"Gone" & "What About Now" are good songs as well, however I have not seen the DVD yet of the music videos and live songs. 

Score: 5/5
Original : 5/5
Creativity: 5/5
Secular music that also works in a Christian market : 5/5
Overall : 5/5  FYI : The extra songs are worth the Deluxe edition purchase , so be sure if you are a hardcore Daughtry fan to pick this Deluxe edition up that also comes in super-sizing packaging.

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"Crave" by For King & Country | Posted June-21-2012
 For King & Country are a group that came out of the blue and is easily one of my favorite new artist of the year. They are Rebecca St. James brothers Luke and Joel. This album discusses the transition from a life that desires the flesh and craves the pleasures and values of the world into the Christian life and fruitful path that we have with hope , peace and joy. Check the book of Ecclesiastes if you are struggling with letting go of possesions that may become idols where we turn away from the word some and things like that. Solomon is the author of Ecclesiastes and this book out of God's word represents this album best.

The Meanings behind the songs:

1. Light It Up - Light It Up is a song that discusses the things we have to let go of in life , whether it be posessions we have to sacrifice to God to have a better relationship with him or just letting go of the sin that lies within our hearts. " Every creatures fate is there's and there's alone" - On the day of judgement all of us will die different ways. Luke and Joel want to bring to notice in the Christian community that our actions and life reflects how we are going to die when judgement comes in Revelations. We can choose whether we want to chase the lusts, pleasures , envies , greed , and self-ambition , self-mortification of the world.

2. The Proof Of Your Love - Anything that we do that isn't for the Lord has no meaning at all. If we donate to charity for example but feel forced to and have no passion in it then it isn't true love. All of our lives need to reflect God's love in how we treat others. If we feel forced to help others but do not do it with compassion and love then it is meaningless.

3. Missing is a song that describes our seperation from God when the wind pushes us back in the cycle of our life and we return to our own ways and actions. " They said we never would survive" - The world thinks that sin cannot be conquered but we as Christians know sin can be defeated just by asking God to remove whatever struggle we are going through. This song is the most upbeat , true and inspirational out of the album. It covers themes of Redemption , God's Mercy , Hope for this generation dispite hard times of waiting for God to return. Sometimes until we return to our own ways we don't realize why God protects us from returning to our old life.

4. Busted Heart is there number 1 single right now. We all have moments in our life where we feel like our heart is dying due to our flesh taking over. This song covers themes of embrace , returning to God , and it is also a testimony of For King & Country. We all have a " Busted Heart" because we have times where we drift away from God's mercy and we chase the wind and things of the wind such as Satan's feelings of lusts , greed , ambition , denial , despair etc...

5. People Change is a simple song describing how when people ask us how we are doing we usually say we are alright but really we are not. People change and this is a song where the band discusses how so many people's ways change when they are in the arms of the Lord on there spiritual journey. After people accept God as there saviour they never are the same as they once were.

6. Pushing On A Pull Door is the deepest and most symbolic song on this album. The door represents the gateway or bridge between us and God. We try to enter through one door but then it winds us back due to our flesh's evil desires. Through our journey and struggles in life, it is like pushing a door and falling flat on our face again learning from our mistakes and God picks us back up to keep going and advancing through our jouney to be more intimate and true to him.

The Last song I want to discuss here is Crave - this is the overall theme of the album itself where we are all chasing for hope and ends the transition between us leaving our flesh and giving up our desires and/or possesions we want and have for our selfish-ambition. Sometimes we may feel like we need to run away from our problems , but we cannot hide because God sees everything. Instead, we should confront it first hand and repent anytime we are aware of any of the least or any of the most sins broken in God's law and word.

Overall: This album will go in my nominees for Best Alternative Rock album of the year and best Album of the year. For King & Country bring alot to the Christian music community and world that is missing. Some lyrics just lack that deepness and passion, healing through the various struggles of life that people need to hear everyday and week to help them feel Redemption , Hope and Joy.

Overall Score: 5/5 - An absolute suprise this year from Luke and Joel , that bring something fresh , new and a fantastic sound like Coldplay that brings a overabundance of peace and redemption to the table and to the Christian market.

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" We Need Each Other" - Sanctus Real | Posted May-07-2012
 Sanctus Real Review:  Matt Hammitt, the leader singer of Sanctus Real has recently started his solo career in Christian music and this album is pure Rock and the instruments are perfectly in tune to create a harder Rock vibe to every track. It is awe-inspiring and feels like a little Hawk Nelson based on the singers high vocals that he screams out.  This is their 2008 album “We Need Each Other” Before this they are famous for their album “Face of Love”

“Turn on the Lights” is a song that tries to reach a wide audience with the message of sharing the Gospel and to change the future and our future by making a difference in the world. This is a pure Rock song by the band Sanctus Real. It is very Rock heavy and has a catchy rhythmic flow. You will love the singer’s Matt Hammit’s voice.

“We Need Each Other” is a song of trust; we cannot be loners and have to love everyone in our life no matter what. We cannot confine ourselves by what we want but instead to think of others more and love on them open hearted. God put us in this world so we could help others when they struggle, we have to help others out and not shun them because they may live differently than we do.

“Black Coal” is how to keep moving on even in the amidst of darkness.

Their single “ Whatever You’re Doing “ is a soft Christian rock song that tells us that God changes us and it feels like nothing is happening but when we are changed and fully sacrifice towards God we have peace in our spirit like no other. We sometimes have to stop and think whether our lifestyle and hobbies glorify God and if not then we have to consult God first for how he wants us to lead us in our life. Sanctus Real points out that we cannot set up walls that prevent God from telling us how to live our lives because he knows best.

“Sing” is a song that takes it back to the beginning of Genesis, if we can go back to before we became sinful as a sinful nation. We can feel him and Sanctus Real delivers the point how it will be more awesome then we can ever imagine when we make it to Heaven and sing all eternity to God. The good line “Pride has no purpose” tells us that we are not perfect but we as Christians united for a common purpose will stand together until the end when we will sing to the Lord and bow down before him for all eternity. It’s a very beautiful song that paints a picture of what Heaven will be like someday hopefully for all of us.

“Lay Down My Guns” describes removing all our defenses and distractions that block us from living the life God wants us to live. Some of our friends have strayed away and showed us the lies of life and Sanctus Real talk about the new life of escaping the old life. “Counting miles to find my way” means that we often stray away from God’s glory wasting time on things that did not glorify and please him, help others. There is also a biblical allusion referring to God saving us when he brought the Israelites out of the desert of Egypt and into the land he promised for them.

If you like anything from Soft to a little harder Rock combined with Christian lyrics and inspiration on how to live your life serving the Lord in our hobbies, our lifestyle and being saved completely from our sin along with other believers that you will enjoy this album by Sanctus Real.

Sound: 5/5 – Perfect sound, a blend of various guitars along with sweet hardcore drums to give an authentic Rock feel and vibe like Hawk Nelson or some other Christian bands.

Message: 5/5 – It’s not just the Rock that makes you like this album , the lyrics are truthful and very meaningful getting away from the Luxurious life and past mistakes we have made and delivering the message of following God’s will , way of path and Journey for us in our lifetime.

Vocals: 5/5 – Sensational, passionate

Overall: 5/5 – A perfect Rock album to add into anyone’s collection who likes some harder drums and guitar riffs in Christian music.

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Freedom Review - Mandisa | Posted May-06-2012

Mandisa is an artist who blends in Pop with Christian music. Her Debut album “True Beauty” was released about two years before this one. She was previously on American Idol and started her career with her debut CD “True Beauty” which came out in 2007. This is her 2009 album “Freedom”

“My Deliverer” is a soft tune that basically says that God freed us from our sin and we are to praise him to thank him for freeing us from sin. “How Much” is very catchy and has smooth vocals and asks the question , Do you know how much you are loved by God. She uses metaphors such as towers and compares how much we are loved more than ever man-made thing that earth could ever provide. She gives reassurance to all believers to reassure us that we have value no matter what other people say in this world. How much does God really love us?

“The Definition of Me” states what qualities a person wants in a life and the qualities that are shown through a “Fruitful Life” Vs. the “Sinful” life or life that bears no fruit. It is a very upbeat and catchy song and Mandisa even raps some through one of the verses of the song. The beat is perfect and the song is raw and fits the qualities that lie within a fruitful life pleasing to the Lord  and being free from sin.

“Not Guilty” is a song that stands out among others in this CD. It is very upbeat, heartfelt and pure worship thanking the Lord for all he has done.

This is a very solid album with a mix of soft and high upbeat songs with strong and intense vocals. The first few songs are softer and the rest is very upbeat and she sings so well. She sings a song sang by another Christian artist called “A Broken Hallelujah”

This is a great release from Mandisa and if you are looking for something different with great vocals and great beats mixed in with Pop music then you will love Mandisa’s music.

Overall score: 5/5

I give it a 5/5 due to the incredible vocals and intense beats used to praise that she uses in this to make mainstream Pop meets Christian music work today.

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Offerings Worship Box Set | Posted April-18-2012
 Third Day has been one of the most successful Southern Christian Rock groups in the past decade. The lead singer has what I would call the perfect southern rock voice to lead his group to success for all of their records. They had very good success with their albums like " Live Wire" , " Revelation" and " Move" and even some other older albums. This review is actually for the Offering Worship Box Set by Third Day which includes The Offerings and The Offerings II in one package or slip case to put it in. It looks very nice in anyones collection and the box is very nice with great artwork on it.

Both albums themselves from begging to end are amazing. If you are looking for the top Worship and Praise albums to get and don't know what your looking for , look no further. Third Day has created a complication of Thought-provoking and Bibically inspired lyrics that will shock and amaze you once you hear the melodies and vocals off this album. I don't have a favorite songs out of  both box sets in this Worship Box set by Third Day. I love all of their songs on it from beginning to end , a masterpiece nonetheless and def. a Box Set you will want to have in your collection. If you don't have this yet , go buy it. I gaurentee you will enjoy it and like it and will feel spirtually moved after listening to it. 


Sound: 5/5
Vocals: 5/5
Inspiration : 5/5
Moving: 5/5
Flow : 5/5
Overall: 10/10 for a 10 point scale review and a perfect 5/5 on a 5-point scale review.

If you like many Houston Christian Rock and Contemporary artists you will love this Box Set if you have yet to check out Third Day as a band.

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" Love Come To Life" | Posted April-17-2012

Big Daddy weave have been touring for more than a decade and have had big sucess with their 2008 album " What Life Would Be Like " and other songs like " What Life Would Be Like" , " You Found Me" & " Let It Rise" This album just came out today and I got mine a couple hours early. I've never listened to any of their previous music before so I am a new fan of their's.
 My favorite songs off this album are " Love Come To Life" , " Jesus Move" & " Magnificent God"

This album is very catchy and upbeat with great melodic vocals and very encouraging lyrics that will make you feel like hugging the Lord after you make it through the whole album. If you are having any problems serving the Lord and you want to learn how to Love others more and commit and sacrifice more to God than this is the album for you.
I was shocked when I heard the opening song " Jesus Move" which has the strongest beats in the backgrounds and makes you want to bow down on your knees and thank the Lord that we serve him and thank him for all of our blessings. It makes me feel so joyful once hearing this new and excellent , amazing and abundant album from Big Daddy Weave. 

Go get this album right away , you won't want to miss out. The truth has been spoken in a very new way and just the passion and commitment of time the band put into to sculpt every track to perfection. If you like MercyMe and Third Day then you will love this album. It is one of the most upbeat albums of 2012 in the Southern Christian Contemporary genre.

I loved every single song on this album and this is by far in my opinion their best yet , even though this is the first album I've ever bought of them and listened to their music. 


Sound: 5/5
Passion/Vocals: 5/5
Upbeat tempo : 5/5
Length : 5/5
Overall: 5/5
Perfect Score for a fantastic band and album you do not want to miss out on for 2012.

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Bluetree Live At Exchange Church Belfast Review | Posted April-12-2012
 Bluetree's mission as an Alternative Rock/ Christian/ CCM band is to deliver their uplifting songs and messages inside their songs to churches everywhere for worship and praise. I would classify them  more as Alternative rock but they have good worship and praise tracks in this album that got me to like this band. This Live album was preformed in their hometown and home church in Ireland. It's more easy to probally come across this album through Mp3 download even though I managed to find a copy of the physical CD at my local Christian music store.

Following their debut release of God of this City in 2009 , this Live album are some of the same songs preformed though at their church in Ireland , too me the Live version is much more energetic and upbeat. Songs like " God of this City" , " God's Plan" , " Each Day" and even a new track called " Kingdom" which will be on their summer 2012 release titled " Kingdom."

I highly enjoyed this album and recommend it to worship pastors , missionaries and Youth leaders. Not only do I recommend it to people with occupations in Church and missionary work but also to anyone who wants some Church music at home or in your car. This album is excellent and a great experience for anyone who hasn't seen Bluetree preform Live before. The sound is increased and I love their new song called " KIDS." 

KIDS is where the people in Ireland at that Church speak their native language and it is very beautiful even if some of us on here speak only one language. It is just a great CCM/ Alternative Rock album to worship the Lord at home , in the Car and at Church.

I highly reccomend this album over their debut release, if you haven't got this Live album yet I suggest you search for it somewhere and pick it up if you like Alternative Rock that is Christian music.

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