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How Can We Be Silent by BarlowGirl | CD Reviews And Information |
"How Can We Be Silent"  by BarlowGirl

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BarlowGirl Goes Another Round | Posted January 15, 2009
They’ve done it again.

BarlowGirl has been churning out hits since their 2004 self-titled debut album, and it’s evident that they’ve grown tremendously since then, musically, lyrically, and spiritually.

The first five tracks show a darker rock, almost Evanescence-like sound. The vocals are hauntingly beautiful and harmonious, and the lyrics are deep and expertly woven together. Once you pass the halfway point, the songs lean a bit more towards the pop/rock sound of Another Journal Entry, and they even throw in a little bit of jazz on “One More Round.”

“Song for the Broken” does an excellent job of introducing the album, rocking while showing off the girls’ voices. They admit to being broken people and not any better than the rest of us.

Placing the song “Keep Quiet” just before “Million Voices” was a clever move--the former asks “Jesus, Jesus, why’s Your name so offensive? Why are we so scared to tell this world You’ve saved us?” and the latter says that we’re “a million strong and getting stronger still…they’ll remember we were here.” It’s a reassurance that we’re not alone in our beliefs.

“One More Round” was a standout from the beginning. It’s jazzy and laid-back sounding, until you get to the taunting chorus--“So take me one more round/I’ll just keep fighting/One more round/You’re messing me up, but I’m still here.” They’re telling the world that no matter how many times we get knocked down, we’re ALWAYS able to get back up again.

“The Guy Song” is, well, a guy anthem…slightly odd coming from a group of girls, but the guys need it. “I Don’t Regret” ends the album on a lovely note, telling God that they don’t regret letting him lead their lives.

Lyrically, they once again tackle relevant issues that hit close to home with many of us--believing in and trusting God with everything (“I Believe In Love,” “Here’s My Life”), being vocal about your beliefs (“Keep Quiet,” “Million Voices,” “Take My Chances”), and granting forgiveness to others (“Sweet Revenge”). One of the best lines on “Sweet Revenge” says “Break these chains, won’t see this through/’Cause setting you free/It means my freedom too.”

Overall, another fantastic release from BarlowGirl. Definitely pick up a copy.

02. I Believe In Love
04. Keep Quiet
05. Million Voices
07. One More Round

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