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"Kiss"  by Ted Dekker

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Dekker Doesnt Dissapoint! Healy Great First Novel
Posted June 10, 2009
By bluenichols,

Ted Dekker is back and he doesnt hold anything back in his new novel. I really love the whole Circle/Book of History titles but I was ready for another stand alone title. This time Dekker teams up with Erin Healy a book editor and first time novelist and they dont disappoint with Kiss.

After a Car accident Shauna McAllister wakes up from a coma and has no memory of the last 6 months of her life. She finds out her brother Rudy who was in the accident is severly brain damaged and that she tested positive for drugs which caused the accident. She returns home to live with her estranged father Landon McAllister the texas Senator and Presidential nominee and her abusive step mother Patricia. Everyone blames her for the accident and what happened to her brother.

Her only friend is Wayne Spade, her boyfriend (that she has no recollection of) who tries to help her through this difficult time.

A great story of redemption and a very intriguing story. I really loved the story and this is a must for Dekker fans and for fans of great suspense stories.


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